Never leave your headphones home ever again!! Have all of your gear with you, always and on demand.

Through our blend of technology and intricate design, we present to you the first Airbuds Phone Case.


We created products that are designed for easy and impact to protect the tech you rely on. It’s slim profile not only feels great in your hands, but also provides high-level protection through drops and bumps. Raised edges around the screen give another layer of protection. Not to mention, a micro fiber interior further cushions your iPhone against impacts.

Multifaceted solution that provides streamlined device and protection.

Airbuds Phone Case is equipped with a patented station that stores your Airbuds all in one easy-to-use system. It is accompanied by a transparent door with a magnetic lock that keeps your pods visible, safe and secure.Redefine your audio experience and never forget your Airbuds again.


iPhone AirBuds Holder Case $14.99

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